Rebecca Bower, MHSc, Compton P-ESL Certified

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All of a sudden I found myself jobless. I was working as a therapist in the field of articulation and language and was laid off a few months before Christmas because the company I worked for lost their government funding. I was shocked and devastated. This gave me a chance to make a real decision about what I really wanted to do with my skills and knowledge, and what direction my career was going to take.  I wanted to use my very specific skills to make a significant impact and add value to my clients’ lives, as in the past I realized that I had been feeling like my passion was misplaced. I wanted to make a change.

The thing is, I was jobless, and as my profession is very specific. That meant I probably wasn’t going to be able to continue living in the forever home that my family had just moved to a mere 5 months earlier.

I felt helpless. I took four, week-long workshops, additional certifications, and I did everything I could to make myself stand out in the job market. I felt guilty that my former colleagues were all in the same predicament; in a desperate search for a job, in a field that is so competitive.  

To make things worse, I found out that the company that won the bid for the government funding was only considering candidates with 15+ years of experience. I was demoralized. I cried. I felt like giving up.

Then, one night, something amazing happened.

I was hit with the realization that this was a gift; a difficult gift to unwrap, but a gift no less. Around the same time I was attending a play group for my daughter and that’s when I met one of the instructors, I will call her Elle. After introducing myself and my daughter and telling Elle what I did for a living she took immediate interest.

Elle confided in me that she was a native Mandarin speaker who had emigrated from China a while ago and had been speaking English for more than four years but, that people were still having difficulty understanding her, her colleagues, parents, and more specifically, the children she was taking care of.

Being asked to repeat herself often had been a barrier for her socially and professionally. Elle told me she was embarrassed and frustrated and didn’t want this to be how things continued.

She said that she took ESL classes back in China and always received good marks and positive feedback from the instructors and was under the impression her English was great. But, when she came to Canada she found that native speakers had a lot of difficulty understanding her.

She told me that she had read many books and watched many YouTube videos on English pronunciation regularly but, never seemed to actually improve in a practical conversational way.

Being in the communication industry, I understood the impact of not being understood on a daily basis. This meant she had constant feelings of isolation, frustration, and annoyance. I had an epiphany when talking to her. I knew that helping people like Elle improve their English pronunciation was exactly where I wanted to apply my knowledge and experience.

Then I became a Certified Compton P-ESL Accent Modification Instructor through the Institute of Language and Phonology. I analyzed the industry, and it was crystal clear to me that there was a lot missing in the programs I saw available to people looking to improve their American English pronunciation. From my vast experience, I knew that knowledgeable feedback from an instructor was integral to improvement in articulation, that specific direction and coaching on how to produce sounds was essential, and that a one size fits all, do-it-yourself program was not going to give clients the success they were looking for.  I knew they needed a coach, not just access to information.

I was able to create a program that is effective, using my skills and previous knowledge. I could make a program that was tailored to my client’s exact speech issues; no wasting their time with cookie cutter approaches. I learned that improving my clients’ American English accent skills could actually help them earn more money, access better jobs, get promotions, and help them succeed.

So I developed the interactive online 13 Week Accent PRO System and that’s when everything changed. I was finally able to make an impact doing something I was passionate about.

Then, I had to learn more. I had to educate myself in the areas of technology, electronic medical health records and standards, I had to seek expert advice and instruction, as anyone starting a business does, with marketing and website development. But with perseverance, PROactive Accent Reduction was up and running.

This meant that I could spend time with my clients in a personal way doing what I’m passionate about, using the skills and experience that makes me the uniquely qualified instructor that I am.

In the end, I have been able to help countless individuals achieve their communication goals by improving their American English pronunciation by 50-80% in 13 weeks. I get to do what I love, be in charge as my own boss, and work out of the best office in the world (my home!). 

I was transformed through the process of loss, and it made me stronger.

I had to step out of my comfort zone to achieve my goals. I had to take things into my own hands and be proactive about my own success. I had to have faith that I could achieve more than I had in the past. I had to go above and beyond to seek out experienced professionals to succeed.

This is exactly what my previous clients have had to do and what any future client must take on. They will have to push past their comfort zones, take their success into their own hands, have faith that they can improve, and trust that working with a qualified instructor is the missing piece in realizing their goals.

This process has transformed me. I no longer feel stress with my work because I am now doing what I love. I no longer feel chained to a job. I am now working with clients with whom I can make the most impact. 

Let me ask you a question. How many self-taught black belts, concert pianists, or singers do you know? I’ll go out on a limb here and guess, zero, right? That’s because achieving any one of those things all require the guidance of a knowledgeable teacher, instructor, or coach. The same goes for articulation.

I had an undergraduate degree, a Master’s degree from the University of Toronto, 11 years of experience and countless certificates, but still, I had to invest further to achieve my dreams. Just like you have already spent years learning English, improving your vocabulary, and honing your grammar. But, to achieve the English pronunciation that you want, you need to seek out and work with the specific professional that can get you to your goal.

I got to where I am now by investing in myself and my future. I get to be home near my family and not in work meetings. I will be able to impact people’s lives, and never miss any of the important moments with my husband and daughter.  I owe this all to the fact that I invested in myself, just like you will have to. If you invest in yourself and put in the work now, I can practically guarantee you will be understood the FIRST time you talk, speak with greater confidence, have more fulfilling social interactions, and prime yourself for better earning potential.

Now is the time. Make an investment today that will change your life tomorrow.

Credentials: Rebecca Bower, MHSc, Certified Compton P-ESL Instructor

Rebecca received her Bachelor of Arts from Brock University and her Master of Health Science from the University of Toronto. Rebecca is a Compton P-ESL-Certified Accent Reduction consultant and Instructor. 

Note: For accent modification clients: Rebecca speaks with a neutral Standard American English accent that is commonly heard in Toronto, Southern Ontario, Canada, as often heard on national television.


  • Master of Health Science, University of Toronto


  • Certified Instructor, Compton P-ESL Accent Modification Method, Institute of Language and Phonology
  • PROMPT trained: Prompts For Restructurig Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets


Accent Training

As a Master of Health Science graduate, Rebecca is uniquely qualified for accent modification training. She has more than eleven years’ experience working directly in the areas of phonetics and articulation as well as extensive experience in analysis of the intricacies of articulatory anatomy and physiology. Rebecca is also a Certified Compton P-ESL Accent Modification Instructor which utilizes objective and evidence-based methods.

Rebecca strives to provide a warm, safe and comfortable atmosphere to improve her clients’ communication, which is what makes her stand out from the rest. Her unique background enables her to create a truly personalized program, to support you in becoming the most effective communicator you can be. Her services are founded on research-based methods, with a focus on real life outcomes.

If you are someone who deals with an accent that interferes with being truly heard in your professional field, book your consultation to begin the path to improvement.

Why Work With Me?

“Working with an Accent Reduction Coach will set you apart from others; It will give you the support and distinct advantage that you need”

I am a certified Accent Reduction Instructor using the Compton P-ESL Accent Reduction Method which is based on over 20 years of research.

  • Choose to work with an Accent Reduction Instructor certified in the Compton P-ESL method; don’t settle!
  • Work directly with an Instructor who has a Master of Health Science Graduate Degree from a respected Canadian University; having in-depth knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of articulation and supra-segmentals of speech production
  • Evidence-based methods with proven results. The results are clear and measurable. We can expect that participants who practice the 19 targets during the 13-week program will emerge with a measured increase in their pronunciation accuracy by at least 50%. Experienced P-ESL instructors will often anecdotally report results as high as an 80% improvement
  • Individualized instruction, one on one, direct teaching of your exact areas of need
  • Personalized pre and post-training assessment is provided to demonstrate your measurable improvements
  • Convenient telepractice using HIPAA compliant video conferencing technology; complete all sessions in the comfort of your own home
  • A personalized practice program will be set up for your convenience to support your learning
  • Flexibility: Your time is valuable! Sessions can take place at your own desired time, working around your own personalized schedule
  • Individualized and thorough reports provided
  • Telepractice provides access to a certified professional that may not otherwise be available in your region
  • A certificate of completion is provided if desired for professional purposes (often required by employers)
  • Secure messaging and videoconferencing for HIPAA compliant communication