What is Telepractice?

Also known as Telehealth services, videoconferencing, and virtual instruction.

We provide online accent reduction coaching to our clients using HIPAA compliant video conferencing technology. We offer individualized accent modification coaching, tailored specifically to each client’s needs.

Through online video conferencing, you can meet with your coach from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device (iOS or Android) – it’s your choice!

Telepractice allows us to connect anywhere with secure and convenient appointments that save you time and hassle. There’s no need to deal with traffic when you can schedule and attend your appointments directly from a laptop or mobile device.

What equipment do I need?

To participate in telepractice appointments from your home, you will need one of the following devices:

  • Desktop computer with a webcam and microphone, speakers, a 2.5 GHz processor, and 4 GB of RAM or
  • Laptop computer with built-in webcam and microphone, speakers, a 2.5 GHz processor, and 4 GB of RAM or
  • Tablet device with built-in webcam and microphone, and speakers, or
  • Smartphone with at least iOS 10 or Android 6.0
  • Internet connection that is at least 10mbps. For optimal results, a reliable, high-speed internet connection with a bandwidth of at least 10 mbps will minimize connection issues and provide the best quality

Scheduling and Using Online Training Services

All sessions are scheduled in advance using an online Booking tool. It’s that easy. Once an appointment time is chosen, clients will receive an e-mail notification to confirm the appointment. You will be sent a text message reminder 10 minutes before the session. 10 minutes before the arranged meeting time, simply go into the e-mail and login to the session as directed.

Is Telehealth Private?

Just like a face-to-face appointment, your telehealth visit will be private and confidential. We use videoconferencing software that is HIPAA/PHIPA compliant.

Will the appointments be recorded?

None of our appointments will ever be video recorded or stored.

Benefits of Telehealth

Here are a few of the research-based benefits to providing telehealth services:

  • Increases access. Telepractice allows you to avoid long travel requirements to attend an accent reduction session. Many clients are not able to access an Accent Reduction Coach at all due to their location; online sessions removes this barrier.
  • Reduces costs for clients. Nearly all research suggests that videoconferencing saves money when compared with traditional approaches to meeting for sessions. For clients, this often means lower transportation costs, less time missed from work, and less money spent on child care expenses.
  • Improves efficiency for providers. In general, adding videoconferencing options for sessions can increase efficiency.
  • Same-level client care. No client outcome difference was found between videoconferencing  appointments and face-to-face office visits. Research supports web-based instruction as an effective method of service, providing outcomes just as effective when compared to in person modes of learning, with many more benefits.
  • Better client experience. Videoconferencing  eliminates the wasted time traveling and sitting in the waiting room.
  • Security: Sessions take place using a private web platform. At PROactive Accent Reduction, your privacy is of the utmost importance.

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